Qualified Water Management Services

The cost of water is on the rise in San Diego County and will continue into the future. Conserving water at your property is our constant commitment to you in order to promote sustainability and help with your cost targets.

We are fully equipped to budget, manage and provide water reductions throughout your property at any given time by installing the latest technology irrigation equipment and setting a water management plan.

Pacific Green Landscape earns the distinction of being one of the top water conserving landscape management companies in San Diego County by:

  • Employing fully certified and provisionally certified CLCA Water Managers (Learn more about the CLCA Water Management Certification Program).
  • Maintaining high quality additional training and meetings for our staff to ensure that they are up to date on the water management resources that are available in the landscape industry.
  • Employing fully trained and certified QWEL landscapers (Learn more about the Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper program).