The WaterSmart rebate program offered by the San Diego County Water Authority this that benefits property owners from incentives on irrigation hardware and promotes efficiency upgrades via landscape contractors, is now available. The highlights of this latest rebate program is easy enrollment, faster processing time and an increase in rebates for high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles. Typical sites include commercial (including HOAs), industrial, institutional and agricultural properties. Must be one acre or more of irrigated landscape but there is no maximum limit, with a minimum to install at least two of the measures. Incentives by device include:·        $35 per Smart Irrigation Controller·        $6 per High-Efficiency Sprinkler Nozzle·        $60 per Flow Sensor·        $0.20 per square foot of drip irrigationThe program time-line is 90 days to complete once your rebate is reserved. Time is of the essence to take advantage of this program! If you are thinking about upgrading your irrigation, contact us soon to get a head start on this taking advantage of this program!  

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