Pacific Green will help with paperwork for turf replacement rebates

Save dollars on water bills and headaches on figuring out how to cash in on rebates

Residents, businesses, homeowner associations and public agencies in San Diego County are now eligible for rebates of up to $3.50 per square foot for replacing turf grass with water-efficient landscaping options.

If you have been thinking about replacing your grass but were worried about the expense and confused about what to do – now is the time for you to make the change to more water efficient landscaping – and Pacific Green Landscape can help you!

Turf replacement rebates of up to $3.50 per square foot are the result of programs offered by the Water Authority and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.  The Water Authority program offers $1.50 per square foot. In May, MWD increased its incentive from $1 to $2 per square foot for its SoCal Water$mart Turf Removal Program.

Water Authority and MWD rebates can be combined, though they require separate applications, and they include some differing requirements and limits. Both programs require participants to register and be approved for participation before removing turf grass. Pacific Green can help you by determining your eligibility, filling out the appropriate paperwork, showing you the wide variety of options available for a water-efficient landscape and installing and maintaining your beautiful new landscape. To date, PGL has reserved $108,000 in rebates for our clients and has submitted more in 2014 than any other company in San Diego County.

At Pacific Green, we know that many people do not want to have a lawn, but they do not know what else to do. Let Pacific Green help you turn that water-guzzling turf in to a beautiful garden oasis.  It will save water which is important living in California’s drought conditions – but more importantly it will help you save money each month when your water bill arrives. Please give us a call and let us help you make the move to more water efficient landscaping.



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