Is your turf composed of one of the warm-season grasses, such as Bermuda grass, Buffalo grass, Kikuya grass, Zoysia or St. Augustine grass? Since such […]

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Sprucing Up for Spring with Pacific Green Landscape, Inc.

Spring landscape maintenance techniques your landscape maintenance provider should be executing during spring months, in order to prep for summer. Spring is a great time […]

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Pacific Green Landscape Saves HOA Thousands of Dollars

Upgraded irrigation system and switch to reclaimed water Most HOAs know that the bulk of its operating budget goes to the water company to ensure […]

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Water Technology & Water Savings

Even with the amount of rain we have experienced this winter, landscapes still need to be watered thoroughly. The cost of water has increased 15% in […]

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Recycled Water Conversion

Think your HOA might be ready for a recycled water conversion? It is easier than you think! Pacific Green Landscape has the knowledge and experience […]

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Landscape Industry Certified Technician

What is a Landscape Industry Certified Technician? Here at Pacific Green Landscape, Inc. we pride ourselves on education and credibility. It is important for us to have […]

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