Landscape device incentives that could help you save – funds not expired on this rebate program. Act fast before funds run out. Reservations need to be made!
Presented by Pacific Green Landscape, Inc.

California is in a serious drought. Most communities know that the bulk of its operating budget goes to the water company to ensure that the landscape looks green and beautiful. You and your clients want to save money and cut back on water consumption, and there have been many rebate programs set up to help you do this…but for programs such as the turf replacement rebate incentive – funds have now run out! However, there is hope still that your property can be eligible for landscape device rebates – so make your reservation for a device upgrade NOW – before it’s too late.

Pacific Green Landscape has vast knowledge on the device upgrade rebate program and the various types of equipment you can install to collect on the rebates. For instance, we can show you how that, just converting to rotor type sprinklers (MP Rotators) reduces water consumption by 75%.

According to the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA), the Municipal Water District (MWD) – which supplies all the water to So. California regional water authorities – reported on August 17th that “$27.4 million of a total $33 million available for device incentives had already been approved.  So, that leaves about $5 million in funding through June 30, 2016”.

That deadline seems a ways off, but what you may not know is that these funds are earmarked ahead of time through reservations that communities are making NOW. Most of these funds will for sure run out long before June 30, 2016!

See below for information on the device rebate program – the MWD SoCal Water$mart program offers cash rebates on a variety of water-saving technologies. You can be eligible for this rebate program by doing the following:

Installing rotor type sprinklers (MP Rotators) instead of fixed spray sprinklers. These rotating sprinklers reduce runoff and put out about 1/3 the water of a regular spray head.
Installing various water efficient irrigation tools such as weather based irrigation controllers and soil moisture sensors.
Check the Be Water Wise website for more rebate information
In addition…

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