With concerns about the current drought in California and strong possibility of an El Niño this winter, Pacific Green Landscape is ready and experienced to help prepare your landscape. There is a 95 percent chance the upcoming El Nino will soak San Diego and the rest of Southern California through spring 2016, weather experts recently told San Diego city leaders.

Here are things we’ll continue to implement on our properties in light of the El Nino prediction:

  • Build healthy, living soil, which allows the soil to act like a sponge. It will absorb the water when rains come and/or irrigated. We are constantly testing soils for health and vitality to nurture plant material.
  • We’ll choose plants that thrive in our local weather conditions.
  • We’ll make sure the landscape is draining properly. It is important to redirect collecting water from the hard surfaces so that they go into soiled areas. Another option would be for us to loosen soil and add mulch in areas where water will drain or collect.
  • When rain starts to pour in at a rapid rate – your property’s automatic watering systems will be adjusted accordingly.
  • The drought has taken its toll on our trees. We will check trees to do a health check and risk assessment.   With a sudden down pour of rain and moisture, trees can take on more weight than they can handle and cause damage.
  • Handy items we will have on hand that can help divert water from structures include: Sandbags and/or straw-waddle tubing.

The strengthening El Nino is still on track to bring a wet winter. The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center predicts that the strong El Nino will peak late fall or early winter and will be one of the strongest compared to the 1997 event.

This much needed rain can be a huge relief in the drought for California, but preparation is key. With heavy rain and lots of it, comes flooding and mudslides that can cause havoc. If the predictions come to fruition then the heavy rains will be here soon. Pacific Green Landscape is prepared to help get your property’s landscape ready.

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