Pacific Green Landscape is always on the cutting edge when it comes to watching your property for plant vitality. That’s why we wanted you to know that a new plant disease might have arrived on your property: Downy Mildew. Even though the recent El Nino rains helped a bit with our state’s drought conditions, it has also brought upon challenges for plant health and vitality. The current weather pattern (many rain events – at least 10 in the past 2 months), along with cultural changes that have stressed the landscape (drought) has created the outbreak of Downy mildew to reach what could be epidemic proportions. Downy mildew has recently been a rapidly growing concern in Southern California, especially in established strands of Red Apple Ice Plant. Red Apple Ice Plant is a commonly used “standard” plant in many landscapes – especially on sloped areas and in open spaces.

Even though Downy Mildew is a disease that could be affecting your property, Pacific Green Landscape crew members are on the look-out for this disease that can affect your thriving plant material. When diseases are caught, we take care to alert you about the diseased plants very quickly. Each property Pacific Green cares for is unique, as is the way we’d approach any plant diseases found on site. Rest assured we are on the lookout for this outbreak and will prepare a work order for a remedy, but also provide substitute drought tolerant plant material ideas that will in addition help to lower your water bill.

If you think your landscape could be infected with Downy Mildew or would like to discuss possible preventative measures against Downy Mildew, please contact Pacific Green Landscape at 800-390-9962 or via our web site at

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