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What is a Landscape Industry Certified Technician

The California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) is a non-profit trade organization of licensed landscape and landscape-related contractors. Also included among its approximately 3,200 members are landscape suppliers, landscape architects, public officials, educators, and students. Although formally incorporated in 1952, CLCA has been meeting as an association since 1937. CLCA’s mission is to serve and protect the interests of its members, promote professionalism, and advance public awareness of the landscape industry.

Within the CLCA, there is a program called the Landscape Industry Certified Program which gives its landscape members a lot of credibility!


Landscape Industry Certified Technician (formerly known, prior to January 1, 2010, as Certified Landscape Technician – CLT)

Certification is an international testing program consisting of both written and field problems. The tests are administered by the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA), which seeks to recognize proficiency in the landscape workforce, upgrade the status of the landscape professional and provide the public with a means of identifying qualified landscape professionals. There are five Core tests in Hardscape Installation, Softscape Installation, Turf Maintenance, Ornamental Maintenance and Irrigation.

“What is unique about the CLT is that it is a hands-on exam, as opposed to just a written test. And it’s tough. But in spite of its toughness, it’s still a basic test that determines whether a landscape technician has a well-rounded knowledge of the industry. Prior to certification there was no way to measure that”.


Pacific Green Landscape, Inc. currently has:

  • (6) Landscape Industry Certified Technicians


Here at Pacific Green Landscape, Inc. we pride ourselves on education and credibility. It is important for us to have a knowledgeable and experienced staff to meet our clients needs!  The goal of the Landscape Industry Certified program is “to improve and upgrade the status of the landscape industry through its work force; improve the quality of work by technicians; improve the image of the Landscape Technician, and to certify qualified employees so they will be able to train [others]”.