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What is a CLCA Certified Water Manager?

The California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) is a non-profit trade organization of licensed landscape and landscape-related contractors. Also included among its approximately 3,200 members are landscape suppliers, landscape architects, public officials, educators, and students. Although formally incorporated in 1952, CLCA has been meeting as an association since 1937. CLCA’s mission is to serve and protect the interests of its members, promote professionalism, and advance public awareness of the landscape industry.

Within the CLCA,  there is a program called the CLCA Water Management Certification Program which gives its landscape members a lot of credibility!


CLCA Water Management Certification Program (Fully or Provisionally Certified)

Pacific Green Landscape, Inc. is the landscape company with the most amount of CLCA Certified Water Managers on staff in all of San Diego County. The California Landscape Contractors Association’s (CLCA) Water Management Certification Program assists landscape contractors and other green industry professionals in helping their customers to cut water use and save money. CLCA Certified Water Managers must pass a written test to become provisionally certified, and demonstrate proficiency at required levels for one year on actual landscape sites prior to achieving full certification status. 

Pacific Green Landscape, Inc. currently has:

  • (3) Fully Certified CLCA Water Managers
  • (2) Provisionally Certified CLCA Water Managers


CLCA is an active force in the statewide effort to conserve water. As water-efficient irrigation experts, many members, like Pacific Green Landscape, Inc., are invaluable sources for consultations on planning and installing water-saving irrigation systems. (http://www.clca.us/water/index.html)


Benefits of Water Management

1.) Improved landscapes: over-watering leads to weeds, pests, and plant disease.

2.) Preserves hardscape: fences, concrete, asphalt, etc. which erodes faster when subjected to water over-spray and runoff.

3.) Saves money: Water districts have begun charging higher prices when consumers exceed predetermined usage levels- in some areas, as much as $14 per 100 cubic feet.


Here at Pacific Green Landscape, Inc. we pride ourselves on education and credibility. It is important for us to have a knowledgeable and experienced staff to meet our clients needs! Let one of our Certified Water Managers partner with you and your communities to look at ways to save money today!  Please contact us for more information!