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Account Manager

Account Management




  • As the Account Manager, responsibilities will be to manage, coordinate and monitor the performance and quality of crew duties relative to landscape
  • The Account Manager will proactively approach all appointed projects and keep continuous communication with clients on issues and solutions as they arise
  • The Account Manager will note and address challenges on sites with personnel and ensure the follow through of the task is completed in a timely manner
  • The Account Manager will train personnel on safety and the long-term consequences of not being safe
  • Educating crew leaders and crew members on proper techniques to expedite landscape maintenance processes will be an ongoing mission
  • The Account Manager will implement and monitor that all company policies are upheld
  • This position requires the attendance and preparation of onsite walkthroughs with clients
  • To track progress, pending issues, and successful completion of work needed for accounts
  • The Account Manager will generate and execute monthly punch list items
  • The Account Manager will also be responsible for generating enhancement sales by recognizing opportunities for upgrades and/or changes and providing recommendations to the client




  • 2 years of experience in the Landscape Industry is required
  • Landscape Industry Certified Technician certification is recommended
  • Communication, team playing and leadership skills are mandatory
  • Must be accountable and take on responsibility willingly
  • Bilingual candidates are preferred
  • Verbal and written communication in English is required
  • Must be computer proficient
  • Knowledge of the email system is preferred
  • A valid California Driver’s License is required